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"We recognise the potential in Service Veterans, even if they often don't recognise it  themselves"

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The Armed Forces community – including not only veterans, but reservists, cadet instructors and spouses of serving members – play a vital role in the fabric of Sopra Steria UK. This is not an accident; the Armed Forces equip individuals with exceptional training, resourcefulness and transferable skills, all of which can enhance an organisation’s effectiveness.

However, the civilian workplace can sometimes be a worrying prospect for a member of the Armed Forces community – particularly new veterans who may be struggling to adapt to their new way of life. A Sopra Steria employee recounts: ‘I thought leaving the military after 25 years and moving into the corporate world would be extremely daunting.’ Happily the employee in question grew to recognise that the skills he gained were extremely valuable to the business: ‘They helped me to see that skills and experience I had gained over the years were transferable, which immediately put my mind at ease, making my transition into the civilian world so much easier.’

This is sadly not the case for all veterans, as outlined by the charity Veterans Work following a recent report: ‘Across the country, three in ten businesses admit they have not even considered employing veterans. While the majority claim to be more open minded, 60 per cent of businesses rule out recruiting someone if they have no industry specific experience. There are roughly 700,000 veterans currently in employment, over half find themselves in routine, low-skilled or low-paid jobs. It is an alarming waste of talent.’ In this company we recognise the potential in Service veterans, even if they often don’t recognise it themselves.

It is in the interest of businesses like ours to facilitate such transitions by creating welcoming and supportive working environments, underpinned by our core values; hence why we take our commitements under the Armed Forces Corporate Covenant very seriously. We are proud to acknowledge the community who protect our nation with honour and courage.

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Career Transition
Coming to the end of your time in the military and trying to find the next step in your career can be incredibly daunting, not knowing what the right move is for you. Sopra Steria find the relationship with CTP invaluable because it gives us the opportunity to talk to you; we will talk about your key obvious skills, but also all of your transferable skills you have developed over the year and how and where we could use them. Sopra Steria is more than a technical, cyber company and being able to work with CTP and exhibit at these fairs gives us a chance to talk to you about all the exciting opportunities we have that could match your skills and how we can get you started.
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What  attracted me to the business was our close ties with the Public Sector and our ability to deliver fantastic service and outcomes to citizens. The combination of Business Process excellence and Digital capability is a unique one which I think enables us to deliver innovation and transformation.  I’m really proud to be a part of this team and the role we play in contributing to a public purpose.

The Australian Defence Force was absolutely fabulous at training and developing leaders. The commitment to learning and development was second to none. The general management and leadership training, combined with specific functional training such as Strategic Management, Risk Management and Project Management are skills which I leverage every day in my current role.

Remember that many Military personnel are very humble individuals who may not speak the same commercial language as we do. That doesn’t mean they don’t have the experience that we are looking for – they might just have called it something different. 
Sue-Ellen Wright Managing Director - Aerospace, Defence and Security
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