Work/Life Balance Commitment
We believe that an element of flexibility at work can promote work/life balance, increase employee motivation, reduce employee stress and improve performance and productivity.  

For this reason, some flexibility in working arrangements for employees is encouraged and supported by our leadership team. This means that there needs to be a culture of give and take. We are not talking about formal requests for flexible working or variable hours (these will form part of our flexible working policy). Instead, we are committed, where practicable, to accommodate some flexibility for our people in terms of their work arrangements and work time.  

​​​​​​​To do this we will embrace the use of all of the digital communication & work tools available to our teams.  Where the business can accommodate an adjustment to work arrangements, from time to time, we encourage managers to do so and we will make this mutual flexibility a part of our working culture.

Our Commitment to Work/Life Balance

Work/Life Balance